League of Christ the King


The League of Christ the King is an organisation for men which aims to propagate amongst them a better knowledge of Catholic social principles; to strive for the fullest recognition of these principles in public life; and to promote effectively Catholic Action. Most importantly, however, it aims as a prerequisite to encourage its members to deepen their spiritual lives, for without holiness, without the presence of the charity of God in members' souls, all the League's study and works will be futile. Areas of study include: Recognizing the causes of the present crisis in society; True nature of Catholic social order, politics and economics; The teachings of the Popes on Catholic Action; General View on the role of the Church in Christian society; Understand the enemy especially the main errors of our time: Liberalism, Americanism, Communism and Evolutionism.

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The League in Langely, British Columbia

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Mr Alun Rowland

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