Order of the Knights of Our Lady
Observance of the Holy Hearts of Jesus & Mary

The order of knighthood was established long ago to defend and protect Christendom and Christian civilization. It is also the best means to be used to today to restore the social and political reign of Jesus Christ. It is a sacramental conferred by a bishop and thus gives an offi cial mission and the necessary graces. The knights are active in the fi elds of charitable action and help, the service to the sick during pilgrimages, doctrinal and physical formation, and the education of the youth. After a minimum two and a half years postulancy, he receives the white mantle after taking the three private vows : Conversion of life, Fidelity to the Order, and Defence of the Church and Christendom, even at the peril of one’s life.


Lourdes Pilgrimage procession 2004

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Camp for Pages in France
Knights with Bishop Lazo and Fr Onoda

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