Eucharistic Crusade


The Eucharistic Crusade encourages the prayers of children with the dual purpose of the sanctification of the children and of obtaining graces for the needs of the Church. There are three levels of Crusader: Page, Crusader and Knight (or Handmaid for girls). All commit to a morning offering and the daily filling of the treasure chart with a tally of prayers and good works. Higher levels add the obligation for decades of the rosary, frequent confession and communion, daily sacrifices, good examples and fifteen minutes of meditation. The external goal is the apostolate and salvation of the friends and family members of the Crusaders.

For more information:

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Contact information:

Fr Dominique Boulet
St. Rahphael's Priory
480 McKenzie Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2W 5B9

SSPX Chapels
Regina Coeli House
11485 N. Farley Road
Platte City, MO 64079



Fr Johnson reminds the prospective
Crusaders of their obligations
A Crusader is vested

Fr Johnson shows the new and advanced Crusaders some of the sacred vessels and explains detals about them.
All the new and advanced Eucharistic Crusaders in Edomonds, Washington
Fr Scott with the Crusaders of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy
Fr Boulet with new Crusaders


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